About Alliance

Are you smiling?

At Alliance we understand that happy customers start with happy employees, and we want everyone to be smiling for a long time. Our recipe for success is simple. We provide our employees with continued education and training, as well as a challenging and rewarding work environment. Our leadership team continues raising the level of expectations from our customer service and sales teams, which improves our customer’s experience. And finally, we partner with only the best equipment manufacturers allowing us to deliver the most innovative products available to our customers.

We found that when our employees smile, our customers smile. And that makes us smile.

Alliance Values

Formed in 2003, Alliance Security is an award winning industry leader in both home security and home automation. When the founders sat down and discussed what Alliance should stand for, they created the company's "Who", "What" and "Why".
Who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Through the many changes Alliance has had over the years, those values have never changed.
Who we are: Alliance is a home security company
What we do: Alliance provides a quality product and service at an affordable price, while creating challenging careers for dedicated, passionate people and gives back to the community for those in need.
Why we do it: We do this to protect good people, from bad people.

Alliance has pledged to adhere to these values and maintain the same level of quality and dedication in everything we do.