Summer is officially here, and that means it’s vacation time! You’ve probably spent plenty of time planning for the trip, but is your home prepared for when you leave? Run through this quick pre-vacation checklist to make sure your home is safe while you’re gone!

Notify the Right People

Make a trusted friend or family member aware of your trip. This person will be able to stop by your home once or twice to make sure everything is okay. Someone stopping by your house while you’re gone also looks like the home is still occupied.

 Don’t Advertise… Yet

Be careful how you are posting on social media. A vacant house is a prime opportunity for a burglar to get in and get out without anyone knowing. So think twice before you post to Facebook that your home will be empty for the week!

 Leave a Light On or Set Up Automatic Timers

Timed lighting makes it look like someone’s home. With products like the Smart Bulb, you can plug them into any standard lamp and it can be controlled right from your mobile phone. They’re even energy efficient, so you don’t need to worry about your electric bill going up while you’re away.

 Hold Mail and Newspaper Delivery

Mail and newspapers piling up are sure signs of an unoccupied home. Either have a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member collect your mail, or ask your local post office to hold it until you return.

 Make sure the area around your home is tidy, but not too tidy

You’ll want to do any maintenance around the home that you normally would like mow the grass. However, you’ll want to make your home look livable. So, don’t feel the need to change too much.

 Lock all windows and doors

This one is a given, but with the vacation buzz, it could be forgotten! Do a quick walkthrough of the house to make sure you didn’t leave an easy entrance for any unwanted visitors.

 Unplug Electrical Appliances

Electrical Appliances are not only a fire hazard, but can cost you money! You won’t be using them on your trip, so power them down and unplug them.

 Get Rid of Your Spare Key

Hopefully no one knows where your spare key is, but you should consider getting rid of it while you’re gone. With the Smart Doorlock, you can get rid of the keys altogether and control your locks right from your mobile phone.

 Set Up Your Thermostat

Make sure your home is at the proper temperature before you leave. You’ll want it to be at least 55 degrees, but you don’t want to be paying to have the A/C on while you’re not home. Use a Smart Thermostat so you can monitor and adjust the temperature if needed while you’re gone.

 Install a Security System

Home security companies are experts at keeping your home safe while you’re away. Also, an indoor or outdoor camera can keep you connected to your home right from your mobile phone. Alliance Security let’s you design your own system. Check out some of the products that help you prepare for your vacation like the Smart Bulb, Smart Thermostat, and Smart Doorlock.


Your vacation is all about relaxing. Now that you used the pre-vacation checklist, your vacation is planned, and your home is ready. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip!

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