So, you’re thinking about getting a home security system. Awesome! Your mind is in the right place! When you think about home security, keypads, motion detectors, and sirens probably come to mind. There’s a lot more to it than just what you see and hear! We truly believe that everyone should have a home security system. If you’re pondering the idea, you’ll be completely convinced when you’re finished reading this!

Here are seven reasons why you should get a home security system, or upgrade your current one:

    1. Protects Your Home and Family

    Let’s face it, you invest a ton of money into your home, but more importantly, you grow your family and make memories! Along the way, you acquire assets and valuables that you need to keep protected. We all have that one item that means the world to us, even though it seems worthless to someone else. A complete home system offers more than just a burglar alarm, but protection from fire, floods, and even medical emergencies; everything you need to keep your family safe! No matter the emergency, your home and family will always be protected.

    1. Control Your Home From Anywhere

    With home automation and a smartphone, mobile home control is no longer just a thing of the future. Most modern alarm companies offer home security packages that include wireless security,  smart home devices, and other home controlling products. These not only add to your level of protection, but can make your life easier! Have your lights automatically turn on when you walk into a room, lock and unlock your door from your phone, and even control your appliances while on the go! A security system with home automation and smart home technology puts the power of your home in your hands.

    1. Lower Homeowners Insurance Premiums

    Having a home security system can actually save you money on your homeowners insurance premium. Most reputable insurance companies offer a discount to well-protected homes because they are perceived a lower risk! A home equipped with the proper home monitoring system, burglar alarm, and fire alarm system, can save anywhere from five to twenty percent off of their homeowners insurance premium!

    1. Reduced Energy Costs

    In addition to the ability to control your home from anywhere, home automation systems also come with some great energy-saving products! Things like the Smart Bulb, which has a 22+ year shelf life and uses only 9 watts of energy, can be plugged into any standard light and saves you money on your lighting costs. Another example is the Smart Thermostat. This smart home product sets energy-saving schedules, and even sends you tips on how to be more energy-efficient!

    1. Check in on Family Members While You’re Away

    A home security system with cameras keeps you connected to your home no matter where you are. Through the mobile application on your smartphone, you can check in on family members while you’re working, or receive video notifications when your children come home from school and put their passwords into the system. A camera package ensures no matter where you are, you’re connected to what matters most.

    1. Fire and Medical Emergencies are Real

    A lot of people think the only purpose of a home security system is to keep burglars out. While having a burglar alarm is important, the odds of experiencing a fire or medical emergency are just as high as experiencing a break-in. It’s important to also have a monitored medical and fire alarm system. This ensures that help will be on the way if there’s an emergency.

    1. Deters Crime

    Something as simple as having a home security system is a crime deterrent on its own. Think about it. If you were a burglar, would you break into the home with the yard sign that says, “Protected by Alliance Security”? Or, would it be the house down the street without the sign? The answer is obvious. Make the burglar think twice about coming to your home!

Now you know a little more about the benefits of having a home security system! Once you have your system installed, you’ll notice countless other benefits. Here are just a few things you’ll be able to do: Talk to visitors through your doorbell and smartphone, check in on pets throughout the day, or even set up automatic light schedules to make it look like your home. Stay tuned for more on home security products and tips. Until then, be safe.

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